How to Transfer Domains to West County Media

The first step in Transfering a Domain to West County Media is to Determine Transfer Eligibility. There are a number of Transfer Eligibility Requirements which must be met before you can Transfer a Domain from oneĀ Registrar to another (ex. GoDaddy to West County Media, etc.) such as:

  1. The Domain must not have been Registered or Renewed within the last sixty (60) days

  2. The Domain must not be within sixty (60) days of it's scheduled Renewal or Expiration

  3. The Domain must not be set to Registrar Lock status in the WHOIS record

IMPORTANT: Changing ANY of the Administrative, Billing, or Technical Contact details at your Registrar WILL AUTOMATICALLY LOCK YOUR DOMAIN FOR THE NEXT SIXTY (60) DAYS. So be sure that you have access to the email account currently associated with your Domain's WHOIS record before initiating a Domain Transfer, because if you have to change that information at your current Registrar, you will then have to wait at least sixty (60) days before you can Transfer your Domain to West County Media.

After you have determined that your Domain is Eligible for Transfer, here's what you need to do to Transfer the Domain to us:

  1. Un-Lock the Domain Login to your account at your current Registrar and set the Domain Transfer Lock status to "UNLOCKED" for the Domain you want to Transfer (This can be referred to as Domain Locking, Registrar Lock, Transfer Lock, Registrar Transfer Lock, etc.)

  2. Get the EPP Code Locate or Request the Domain's "EPP Code" or "Transfer Authorization Code" which acts as the Domain Transfer "Key" (This can be referred to as EPP, Transfer Auth, Transfer Code, Auth Code, etc. by different Registrars)

  3. Order a Domain Transfer Initiate a Domain Transfer at West County Media and enter the Domain's EPP Code during checkout

  4. Approve the Transfer Watch for the Domain Transfer Authorization/Approval Email which contains a special link to one final form that you must complete in order to Confirm your intent to Transfer

  5. Wait for Transfer to Complete Wait between five (5) to seven (7) business days for the Domain Transfer to complete

  6. Wait for DNS Propogation Takes approximately 24-72 hours to complete for your Domain to resolve to the new Nameservers

  7. Check your Domain's WHOIS Record to see your updated Renewal Date, Nameservers, Registrar, etc.

If you want to read the exact, complete rules on Transfering Domains, check out:

ICANN's Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars

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