What is WordPress? What's a WordPress Website?

If you've never used (or heard of) WordPress before, you may be wondering what all the buzz is about. It's a lot easier to get excited about WordPress if you understand a little about what it can actually DO for you!

WordPress started out as a simple blogging program, but it has long since evolved into a powerful content management system. In fact, it is so handy for website owners, that literally over one quarter of the whole Internet runs on WordPress! Incredible, isn't it?

The main reason that WordPress is so popular among website owners, is that WordPress allows the website's design and content to be separated, both being served by a database.

This means that once you have "designed" your website (by selecting and customizing a WordPress Theme) you can then focus on creating fresh content for your website, without having to worry about the main website design changing. Website owners can login to their administrator account and create, edit and delete their own Pages and Blog Posts, all withour requiring the help of a web designer. The "old way" of building websites by hand, using HTML and FTP to send over your files one-by-one each time you wanted to make a change has been replaced, modernized and simplified.

The power to publish is now in your hands!

And another fantastic feature of WordPress that we can't fail to mention is that WordPress's main functionality can also be greatly extended, by thousands of Plugins + Widgets and Themes, You can add everything from Social Media tools to e-Commerce Shopping Carts, and more. What WordPress can do for you and your business is truly only limited by your imagination!

West County Media is proud to offer our clients competitve services packages for WordPress Website Hosting and Consulting, Training & Design.

Just contact us if you'd like to get a WordPress Website, or even if you could just use a little help with the WordPress website you already have.
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