Domain Names, Hosting, and Websites: The Basics

If you've never registered a Domain Name before, the task can seem confusing, maybe even daunting. It's definitely helpful if you understand a little about how domain names work before you jump in to getting one. We're going to try to cover the basics here and attempt to explain how domains work, and ultimately help you register a domain!

What is a Domain?

A Domain Name is basically just a way to make it easier for people to find stuff on the internet.

See, websites are actually located or "hosted" on a special computer somewhere called a "server" and the only way people could find these servers before the Domain Name System (or DNS) was invented was by what's called an IP address (FYI - "IP" stands for Internet Protocol.) But it's a lot harder to remember an address like this: than it is to remember something like "" so we use domain names to make it easier to remember how to get to different "places" on the web.

What's the difference between a Domain Name, Web Hosting, and a Website?
I thought they were the same thing? I'm confused!

A domain name is actually just the address - after you have successfully registered a domain, that's a great first step - but if you want to get the most out of your domain name, you will most likely want to host your domain somewhere.

After you successfully get your domain hosted on a web server, you will likely want to build a website for people to visit and interact with, which believe it or not, is actually a whole different thing than a domain name or web hosting, although they do all work together - and here's the part where it can get confusing: You can have domain without hosting, you can have hosting without a domain - but you can't have a website without a domain AND hosting.

Fun stuff, right?

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