Self-Help Resources

1) Websites 101: Start Here! (1)

Great info for Beginners about Domain Names, Web Hosting. Web Design & more..

2) All About Domains (5)

Everything you need to know about Domain Registration, Ownership, and Transfer

3) All About Hosting (1)

Everything you need to know about the basics of Website Hosting

4) All About WordPress (47)

What is WordPress? What's the difference between WordPress, and a WordPress Website?

Most Popular Self-Help Resources

 Domain Names, Hosting, and Websites: The Basics

If you've never registered a Domain Name before, the task can seem confusing, maybe even...

 What is WordPress? What's a WordPress Website?

If you've never used (or heard of) WordPress before, you may be wondering what all the buzz is...

 How to Register, Renew or Transfer a Domain

How are Domains Registered? How do I Register a Domain?Domains are registered through a special...

 What is Hosting? Why do I need it?

A Web Hosting Server (aka web server/server/hosting/host, etc.) is a special kind of computer...

 Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard

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