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Professional Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Management

ManagedPro SEO Audit

Want to find out how your website stacks up against your competition online
Invest in a ManagedPro SEO Audit and gain valuable insights on how you can outpace the competition!

Our comprehensive 30-Point ManagedPro SEO Audit Includes SEO Audit Reports, Summary & Action Plan prepared by full-time SEO advisors and technicians.

ManagedPro SEO Audit includes

- Screaming Frog Diagnostic Audits
- Google Search Console Checks
- Keyword Cannibalization Check
- Page Load Speed Test Report
- Page Quality Raters Guide Audits
- Written Summary and Action Plan
- Website Backlink Analysis
- Link Map (3 Months Included)

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ManagedPro SEO Kickstart

Not getting the organic search traffic you should be getting? Ready for more than just and Audit? Let our SEO Experts Optimize your website for better ranking and results with our ManagedPro SEO Kickstart bundle!

ManagedPro SEO Kickstart includes

- ManagedPro SEO Audit
- Correction of Audit Errors
- 30 Days of DFY SEO
- Technical, Site and On-Page
- Off-Page Promotion and Content
- Original Content Creation and Publishing
- Google Analytics/Data Studio
- Premium Press Release
- (5) Niche Placements
- Site Level WP Optimization
- Surfer SEO Competitor Analysis
- Full Surfer SEO Optimization
- TF-IDF Semantic Analysis
- FAQ JSON Schema Markup
- Advanced On-Page and Site Level
- Implementation of Proven On-Page Ranking Factors
- PLUS 500 Words of Surfer Optimized Content

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ManagedPro SEM

Wasting your budget on campaigns that don't produce? Let our SEM Experts Optimize & Manage your Search Marketing Campaigns for Better ROI!

ManagedPro SEM includes

- Competitor & Keyword Analysis
- Strategy, Planning & Optimization
- Original Ad Copy Creation & Placement
- Campaign Results Reporting

(Ad spend in addition to retainer)

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ManagedPro Social Media

Don't have time to manage your Social Media accounts effectively for your business? Order our ManagedPre Social Media and let our Social Media Pros handle it for you!

ManagedPro Social Media includes posting of up-to five (5) posts of original content per month, per platform on up-to five (5) platforms.

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